On February 1, 2021, the name of our legal practice changed from “Swift Datoo Law Corporation” to “Swift Datoo LLP”.

The term “LLP” stands for limited liability partnership.

This new structure will assist the partners in organizing their own business interests, and will assist in succession planning.

The Law Society of B.C. requires that we give you the following notice:

The partners in a limited liability partnership are not personally liable for the
negligent acts or omissions of another partner or an employee unless the partner
knew of the negligent act or omission and did not take reasonable steps to
prevent it. Each partner is personally liable for his or her own actions, and the
partnership continues to be liable for the negligence of its partners, associates
and employees. Accordingly, there is no reduction or limitation on the liability of
the partnership.

If you have any concerns or questions about the change in our structure, please feel free to speak with any of our lawyers.

In any event, although our name may be changing, we are still the same group of lawyers, in the same place, providing professional services as we have done for more than 40 years. With your continued support and confidence in our firm, we look forward to serving you for many years to come.