COVID-19 Safety Plan

Swift Datoo wants to ensure that it takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the health of our staff, clients and community is not compromised as a result of Covid-19.

In accordance with the foregoing, and in accordance with the terms of the Provincial Health Officer’s order, set out below is our Workplace Covid-19 Safety Plan.

Building Access

  • Signage will be posted at all entrances indicating that employees, contractors, or visitors exhibiting COVID-like symptoms are not allowed to enter the office building.
  • Hand sanitizer and masks will be made available to every person as they enter the reception areas.
  • Visitors will be required to hand sanitize on entry. Dispensers will be located inside of each entry point.

Workplace Operations

  • Remote work options are encouraged for workers who do not require office attendance.
  • Telephone or video conference meetings will be encouraged to minimize face to face meetings.
  • Visitors meeting inside of the office will be encouraged to wear masks. We will provide masks if visitors do not have their own.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the office.


  • Workstations will be at least 2 metres apart and away or shielded from communal pathways.
  • Plexi-glass barriers will be installed at the upstairs and downstairs reception desks.
  • Sharing of office space or workstations is strongly discouraged. If staff must share office space, hygiene protocols must be employed, including masking. Frequently-touched surfaces are to be sanitized between users, such as the computer keyboard and mouse, desk surface, and telephone.
  • A plexi-glass barrier will be installed on any boardroom table to be used with clients.

 Communal spaces

  • Any changes to the usage of communal areas will be clearly communicated to staff.
  • Single-person access will be required in constricted areas.
  • Break times are to be staggered in order to reduce large gatherings and in order to encourage staff to take breaks at their own desk or outside.
  • Staff are encouraged to eat outside or in designated areas.
  • If breaching the physical distancing requirement is unavoidable, staff are to mask and are to plan the work task to ensure that time spent in close proximity is minimized.
  • Eating will be restricted to clearly identified and dedicated areas with handwashing stations, cleaning and disinfectant supplies, and adequate space to maintain the physical distancing requirement.
  • The use of masks in communal spaces generally will be encouraged. The use of masks is mandatory if physical distancing is impractical/impossible.
  • Staff are encouraged to bring and use their own dishes and utensils.
  • Items are not to be left in the sink.
  • The person emptying the dishwasher is to wash their hands thoroughly before and after doing so;
  • Staff will be discouraged from providing and consuming communal foods.
  • Communal doors are to remain open throughout the workday to reduce contact with door handles.
  • Staff are to use their own equipment, such as pens, staplers, headsets, and computers.
  • Steps are to be taken to minimize the number of people using previously shared office equipment or other items (photocopiers, coffee machines, microwave ovens, etc.). Shared equipment should be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  • Staff are to wash or sanitize their hands throughout the day and immediately after coming into contact with public items

Outside visitors

  • Visits to the workplace should be prearranged, staggered, and safety protocols should be communicated before entry into the workplace (e.g., email and/or signage posted to entrance).
  • Visitors are to be contacted in advance and advised of masking and entry protocols.

A record of visitors to the office may be maintained when Provincial Health Orders require this, together with contact information for that person.

  • Visitors may be asked in advance to wear a mask to any appointment.
  • Disposable masks will be provided to any visitor who does not have one.
  • Signage will be posted at each entry to the workplace to inform everyone of the safety measures in place.
  • This Safety Plan will be posted to the website and at each entry.
  • When booking appointments, visitors should be reminded to reschedule if they experience symptoms typical of COVID-19 or are placed on self-isolation.
  • Steps are to be taken to minimize non-essential in-person interaction between workers and visitors (e.g., use of virtual meeting tools, email, or telephone).
  • Waiting areas will be arranged to maintain physical distancing requirement. Plexi-glass barriers will be installed between receptionists and clients. Markings will be placed on the floor directing visitors where to stand when approaching front desk.
  • Clients will be asked to wait outside of the downstairs reception area until the time of the appointment.
  • Visitors will be encouraged to attend appointments alone and to minimize the time spent in the waiting area before their appointments(e.g., request visitors to wait in vehicles and text message or call when ready).
  • Non-essential communal items, such as candy, magazines, and complimentary phone chargers will be removed from the office area.
  • Beverages (coffee, tea, water) will not be offered to visitors.
  • A safe place for visitors to dispose of used sanitizing wipes and other personal protective equipment will be provided.
  • Where possible, steps are to be taken to minimize meeting times, such as emailing documents to clients in advance for review/signature.


  • Delivery personnel will be asked to maintain physical distancing requirements. This option may be limited if signing or proof of receipt is required.
  • Where possible, communications with delivery personnel will be by way of telephone, text message, or other communication technology.

 For more information about your legal transactions and COVID-19, please see Frequently Asked Questions.